Prohibited acts in the state of Ihram

 There is a special dress for Hajj and Umrah which is must to wear. A white dress is the symbol of simplicity. This dress is called Ihram. It is obligatory to wear Ihram before performing the rites of Hajj and Umrah. Cloth for Ihram should be not be stitched. Two pieces of white cloth should be worn by men and women should wear whole white dress. The whole body of women is covered in Ihram and few acts are forbidden during Ihram. If you are planning for your Hajj or Umrah, plan it with Umrah Experts because Umrah Experts offers cheap Hajj and Umrah packages

You cannot perform Hajj or Umrah without Ihram. Following are the acts that are forbidden during Ihram because these acts break the state of Ihram:

Detaching anything from body:

In the state of Ihram, anything from the body cannot be detached from skin like nails and hair. Removing these things from the body is not allowed in the state of Ihram. A person can do these acts after he comes out from the state of Ihram. 

Hunting of animals:

Harming any living organism during the state of Ihram is forbidden like hunting. If you find an animal that can harm you, you are permitted to kill that animal. 

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Physical interaction:

Every kind of physical interaction between males and females is banned in the state of Ihram. Sexual interaction, kissing, touching, or romancing is not allowed in the state of Ihram.  


Any kind of fragrances like perfumes or unwanted fragrances are not allowed during the state of Ihram. It may disturb others or it may also divert their attention. 

Conditions for males and females:

The face and hands of females should not be covered. Women are ordered to remain in a natural way. Men should not see women. Fragrance and make-up attract the attraction of males therefore any kind of fragrance and make-up is not allowed. Men should not pick any burden in Ihram. 

It is heard that some men use Henna in this pure state. They should know that they are not supposed to use it on beard and also on hair. Men should remain away from it and on the other hand, women are allowed but they should take care and live with piety. They should avoid it. 


Bleeding from the body in the state of Ihram is not Haram. Performing any act that may cause bleeding from your body and from the body of others is not allowed. 

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Abusing and lying:

These two acts are strictly forbidden in Islam and in the state of Ihram one should remain away from these kinds of acts. These acts hurt others and may also hurt you. One should remain away from both moral evils. 

Promise or swear:

Promise or swear are also forbidden acts in the state of Ihram because Ihram is the pure state. No one should disrespect this state. We have to follow the orders of Allah and His Prophet in all the doings of Hajj and Umrah. 

Harming trees and plants:

We know that trees and plants have great importance in our life. We should respect trees because of their benefits. Holy Prophet also liked planting. Therefore, pilgrims should not harm plants and trees in the pure state of Ihram.  


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